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Guelph is awesome!

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Sep. 7th, 2011 | 10:48 am

The first years at my school, however, not so much. I didn't expect guelph to really be a party school, but apparently it is? O-week is supposed to be booze free, but they aren't doing a very good job at keeping it that way. But the first years are really... not my kind of people. Come on, guys, you graduated from high school! Getting drunk and talking about boys should be over now, right?

I have found some comfort in watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW THAT. It really is such a good show :D I love Rarity.

I did find some nice people, though. A first year girl from Singapore who is super sweet and in my program. I met a third-year boy named Sandy who's a Philosophy major (??) and is an amazing DM, which I guess is why he's the VP of the gaming club. The rest of the club is pretty cool too, and there are even a couple girls. The president of the club says that their office is almost never closed, because there is almost always some kind of game going on, be it Warhammer, Munchkin, or DnD. When I walked into the Games Club O-Week event my first words were "My people!" because I had, in fact, found my people.

I'm kind of excited for classes to start so I can meet the people in my classes and find some people to study with. And who knows, maybe when classes start my suitemates will quit blathering at 1 AM and quietly study.

This post is kind of all over the place, but returning to the "Guelph is awesome!" part, Bro has been helping me learn the city. We went downtown Monday night, and I found a vintage store called "Meow" that sells absolutely adorable vintage things and tiny hats. We also found a used bookstore, and a furniture store that sells white furniture (I like white or mismatched furniture because it makes me feel like I'm in a dollhouse or Wonderland or something). There's even a tea shop! It's the cutest bloody thing, with pink trim and it's right by the river and apparently they sell pie and wee sandwiches and ice cream! I'm starting to get the feeling that this city was built just for me, because around 11 Bro and I stopped for drinks. She ordered a Spanish coffee and I found out they had shirley temples (being underage is delicious because of Shirley Temples). Bro's boozecoffee came topped with whipped cream and a stick of Pocky with cookies on the side, while mine came with an orange slice and a tiny umbrella.

Even though making friends is hard and I'm still adjusting, I do realize how lucky I am. I mean I'm sitting in my own room in a huge university in an amazing country, I'm away from Rob Ford, in a city that's perfect for me, and I can still go see my friends on weekends.

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Miss Lynx

From: misslynx
Date: Sep. 8th, 2011 05:13 am (UTC)

Guelph is indeed a pretty nice little city, in my (admittedly somewhat limited) experience. I have a certain fondness for university towns of that type, because I grew up in a sequence of them (Ann Arbor, Michigan; Ithaca, NY; Kingston, Ontario). And every time I visit another one, part of me feels right at home, because it seems in a way like they're all different instances of the same town.

I had that experience the first time I went to Albany to visit g33kboi. We were walking through the part of town where most of the students tend to hang out, and I was telling her my theory about all university towns being really the same town. "Because look," I said. "There's the second hand bookstore, there's the trendy coffee shop, there's the cool record store, there's the vintage clothing store - I think the only thing we're missing so far is the funky pizza place where you can get 40 different toppings."

She looked a bit embarrassed and said "That's on the next corner, just up ahead." :-)

Congrats on finding a gaming group - being amongst one's people always makes things better.

BTW, do you remember meeting my sister and her kids, quite a few years ago? You might not remember - I think it was 8 or 10 years ago or something. Anyway, my reason for mentioning it is that they live in Guelph (although Gryphon, her older son, is currently away with Canada World Youth - Quebec currently, leaving for Mali sometime soon). And -- they game. Well, the boys do -- I'm not sure if my sister joins them or not.

But they're not at the university -- I'm bad with ages but Duncan's either one or two years younger than you, I think. Gryphon is a bit older than you and wanted to go to that university but his marks weren't quite good enough because he's got problems with math (it sucked because it was a really close thing -- all his other marks were good, I think, but math dragged his average down just enough), so he's taking a bit of time off from school doing other things and is going to reapply as a mature student in a year or so.

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From: solar_energie
Date: Sep. 8th, 2011 07:37 pm (UTC)

Yes, I remember them! I also remember going to the COOLEST DAMN PLAYGROUND that was made of wood and had turrets and stuff. Also, if what you say is true, I really like university towns. I'm just going to stay here forever. The Canadian World Youth thing looks really cool! I was in the science building today and found a thing for teaching English overseas - otaku that I am, I would love to teach English in Japan.

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